Participating Artists -alphabetical order- (as of May 11th 2015) :

Artists of Burkina Faso :

Adama Kabore (WOUNTOGO-SUI) / Specialist of Public Hygiene/ From Damsi, Burkina Faso. He studied History and Geography for 4 years and Public Hygiene for 3 years, and currently working in Diébougou for improvement of sanitary situation of the community.

Adama Nebié/ Painter/ Based in Ouagadougou, is looking forward to give painting workshops for the children in Diébougou.

Antoine Somda (WOUNTOGO-SUI) / Photographer/ From Dissin, Burkina Faso. He owns a photo studio in Diébougou and looking forward to the collaboration with Mihee Suh.

Ben Yabèrè/ Singer/

Brigitte Yien / Representative of Femme et Menage/ She is actively organizing events to help poor women in the community. At Nyama Nyama, she will be leading the day "The cultural day of Diébougou."

Francis Somé/ Singer/

Issuf Ouattara / Representative of SANIYA/ With his association SANIYA and the population, he will be leading the day to clean a dirty spot in Diébougou.

Jacki Méda/ Singer/

Karate club de Reo (Artists below) /

Issa Bado / Karate-ka/ From Reo, Burkina Faso. He started learning Karate in 1990, and is currently a national coach of Burkina Faso (Federation Burkinabe de Karate). He owns a dojo in Reo.

Bationo Martial/ Karate-ka

Bakouan Aziz/ Karate-ka

Bazie Leaticia/ Karate-ka

Bazie Philomene/ Karate-ka

Bakyono Christophelle/ Karate-ka

Ouedraogo Aziz/ Karate-ka

Lévy Tierema Koama / Dancer/ "L'ENFANT DE LA RUE"/ Between 1986 and 1991 , with his friends , he set up small dance companies with which they animate and realize artistic evenings themed ballets they present during competition for young dancers in Côte d' Ivoire. Today he is known as one of the greatest dancers in Burkina Faso.

Natal Da/ Singer/

No-Bièl : Theatrical Company (Artists below) /

Adama Traore / Dance Choreographer / He is the only professional contemporary dancer in Diebougou.

Daouda Traore / Dancer/

Jacque Sié Midiour / Dancer/

Ousmane Traore / Dancer/

Salif Adissa / Dancer/ Ghana

Serge Kinda (WOUNTOGO-SUI) / Painter, Sculptor / Burkina Faso/ KINDA's Artistic Workshop/ started drawing at the age of 9 in Ziniaré, after working actively in Ouagadougou, moved to Diébougou and became the most known painter in the community. /

Soulaymane Culibaly / Karate-Ka, Judo-Ka/ Burkina Faso/ Martial Arts/ learned karate in Diébougou and judo in Bobo, Burkina Faso, currently based in Diébougou and teaching karate and judo for children. 

Artists of the world : 

Ben Spatz / Director, Performer / US /Rite of the Butcher/ Theater performance / is Founder and Artistic Director of Urban Research Theater in NYC, and Lecture in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Huddersfield (UK). /

Birds Project (Fryd Frydendahl and Megumi Tomomitsu) / Photographer / US /Small Balls/ Short Film / 'Birds Production, Bird Mitsudahl' is NYC-based, Japanese and Danish duo formed in 2009. Birds Production does Art, Fashion and Music videos including Falling In Love and Gooms. /

Brian Leo / Artist, Illustrator / US /Hang In There Kitty」/ Collaborate between his artworks and the local kids / Brian sent 50 hand-pulled silk screen prints of his image, Hang In There Kitty. He will also send some drawing and coloring material in order for other artists and the local kids to collaborate on the printed works on paper.

Claver YAMEOGO / Film Director / Côte d’Ivoire / INVASION "déchets plastiques"/ Short Film / is from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire-Based. The film is a documentary about the proliferation of plastic waste in Burkina Faso. /

Florence Amerley Adu (gbekembe) / Designer / US / Fashion show for kids /

hancock & kelly / Performer / Germany / The Way of All Flesh (2006) , Lone Duets (2005-2008) ,Tattoo (2007) / Screening of performance / hancock & kelly is the collaborative project of artists Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly. They have performed, exhibited, and taught internationally in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the UK, and

Hidekazu Maiyama  / Photographer / Japan /zoo garden」/ Slide show of photography / is professional photographer in Tokyo, Japan. This artwork featured animals in a Japanese zoo. /

Jihae / Musician / US /「Simon Says」/ Collaboration with local musicians in her project "Simon Says" /

Kan-Ichi SEGAWA / Choreographer, Dancer / Japan / 「Pain to Paint」「The screaming dance」/ Pain to Paint : Screening of Performance (Dance : Kan-ichi,  Film by Laurence Manheimer from France, Produced by La Fémis of Paris), The Screaming Dance : Music Video Clip for Leonard de Leonard (Dance : Kan-ichi, Music : Leonard de Leonard from France, Produced by K+Me) / These artworks are collaboration of Japan and France. /

Kitchen Minoru / Photographer / Japan /The people of Tamagawa」/ Slide show of photography / Tokyo, Japan based. The artwork featured the people at Tamagawa river side where is the place for relaxation for the people in Tokyo, Japan. /

LEIMAY / Artistic group / US /Organic Circulation/  Screening of Video / Video by Shige Moriya (US), Music by Nao Sakamoto (US)/ LEIMAY (CAVE Organization Inc.) develops and tours new and existing individual and collaborative creations by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya /

Maho Hikino / Artist / Japan / IN WALL」「FLUIDICS 001/ Born in Hyogo, Japan. She is Tokyo-based, and produced video installation, short film, animation and art project in there. /

Maki Teshima Liss / Designer, Pattern make for clothing / US / T-shirts Design / She designed the NyamaNyama staff T-shirts who works in a team of UNIQLO in NYC.

Manami Cho / Photographer/ Republic of Benin / She is a photographer from Japan currently based in Republic of Benin.

Mayumi Yamada / Agriculturist/ Japan / Creation/ After studying dry farming in university, she joined Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers to work in the field. Currently, she is stationed in Burkina Faso and working alongside the villagers everyday to increase the productivity of agricultural products.

Mihee Suh / Photographer / US / 「38th parallel north」 / Slide show of Photography / Born in Japan. Lives and works in NYC, U.S. / 

Miyu Leilani (WOUNTOGO-SUI) / Theater Performer / Japan / Born and  raised in Japan, begun acting at the age of 13, after living in New York for 6 years learning and performing Butoh, currently working in Diébougou, Burkina Faso as a JICA volunteer.  /,

Naida Zukić / Theater performance / US, Bosnia and Herzegovina /Becoming Eye」/ Screening of Theater Performance /  is a New York-based Bosnian born Communication & Performance Studies scholar, and a Butoh artist.  Zukić’s aesthetic explorations of violence and trauma discourse dwell in politico-ideological, and historical formations of subjectivity and agency. 

Natsuko KonoDancer, Performer / Germany, Republic of Serbia /「COSMO」/ Screening of Theater Performance / The Performance "COSMO" is about the concept of time in universe how it is used by humans in modern society. /

Noblesse Oblige / Musician, Band / Germany, UK, France /Chasing Shadows」「Tanz Mephisto/ Chasing Shadows : Live on Alex TV, Berlin, Tanz Mephisto : Music Video / Noblesse Oblige is French-Caribbean performer Valerie Renay and German producer Sebastian Lee Philipp. /

Oscar Rodriguez / Musician, Graphic Artist, Videographer  / US / Symbolic images / Punk art, mystical realism, zoo-music. /

Paulus Kamubawot / Sculptor / Papua New Guinea / He is a sculptor from and based in kiunga, western province, Papua New Guinea.

Roland Ventura Toledo / Musician / US / Music / is a modern designer. He works in the cross roads between architecture, graphic design, sculpture, and sound design. /,

Shumpei Yanaka / Karate-Ka / Japan / Martial Arts / is a Japanese karate practitioner, born in 1991. He started karate at the age of 7, and later known as "the drill sergeant."  Currently, as a JICA volunteer, he runs a small karate dojo in Koudougou, Burkina Faso.

Syota Yamasaki / Judo-Ka / Japan / Martial Arts / Has started Judo at the age of 10, after 4 years of everyday trainings at his university (2008-2012) where he learned to become a PE instructor. As a JICA volunteer, he has been teaching in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso since July, 2013. 

Takeshi Fukunaga / Freelance filmmaker / Japan /The Sword Maker/ Short Film / is a Japanese filmmaker based in New York. 'The Sword Maker' is A short documentary portrayal on Korehira Watanabe, one of the last remaining sword maker in Japan.

Tomoaki Hata / Photographer / US, Japan / The title TBD」/ Slide show of photography / published his own book "THE NIGHT IS STILL YOOUNG" in Japan and US by AKAAKA is Japanese publishing company. This artwork featured a life about homosexuality.

Theresa Wong / Theater performance / US / The Unlearning」/ Screening of Theater Performance/Theresa Wong is a cellist, vocalist, composer and improviser actively exploring the intersection where music meets with the creative spirit of experimentation, improvisation and the synergy of multiple disciplines. Wong is currently based in Berkeley, California.

Yoshihiro Kai / Karate-Ka / Japan / Martial Arts / started Karate-do in 1992 at the school of Wado-yui of Mungen Juku Shushikan. He worked as a trainer for grade-schoolers and junior high school students since 2012 to 2014. As a JICA volunteer, he teaches Karate for youth in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso since July 2014.

Yuko Kaseki (Theater Thikwa) Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher / Germany /「Kuuge - HimmelBlume」/Screening of Theater Performance /  Based in Berlin since 1995, studied Butoh dance and Performing Art in HBK Braunschweig with Anzu Furukawa./

Yuriko Miyake / Dancer, Choreographer, Actress / US /「le Cosmos et le Ciel」/ Yuriko Miyake is a New York based performer / human who dances, sings, and acts. The motto is "love perfects the world."

Yuri Nagaoka (Dance Medium) / Directer, Choreographer, Butoh dancer / Japan / 「Coming home」/ Screening of Theater Performance / Born in Tokyo, Japan. She founded a Butoh company, Dance Medium, and received the Japan Dance Critics Association Award with "Coming home." In 2014, she opened Kokutoukan studio. /

Super special thank you for supporting us :

All direction : Mihee Suh, Miyu Sakurai (Leilani)

Advisor of Promotion, An accountant : Alexander Liss

Language Translation : Tomoko Takedasni Sater (English), Nathalia Jaramillo Cepeda (Spanish), Ximena Garnica (Spanish), Jihye Jasmin Park (Korean), Chloé MAES (French), Jean DEDIEU (French), Yoko MARUKAWA (French),

Advisors : Nasa I, Nami Nagakura, Emiko Takamatsu,