Date : May 30th, 2015 - June 6th, 2015 

Place : Salle de Ciné (Theater in Diébougou, Burkina Faso) 

Ticket fee : 9am to 3pm Free / 6pm to midnight 100 Fcfa (20 cents)

From Diébougou to the World

Let’s build a bridge to a future Diébougou with your ideas, inspired by imagination and curiosity. How can we create a community that can only exist here in Diébougou; one that can only be experienced here in the whole world? This is our challenge and goal that we'd like you to participate and be aware of.

We think of art as any creative activities involving people, regardless of genres and mediums.

Nothing like this has ever happened in Diébougou before… READ MORE


The Executive committee

Diébougou is truly a beautiful land and we are proud of it. However, the city is starting to change because of the litter from imported plastic products, which does not fit into the existing cycle of life…… READ MORE


Cheick Ouattara

Burkina Faso

Revolutionary・No-Bièl Representative 

Mihee Suh

New York, US


Miyu Sakurai (Leilani)

Tokyo, Japan

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer・Performer・WOUNTOGO-SUI