We welcome any submissions that fall under these categories;

-Any art work that can be shared with the people of Diébougou 

-Hands-on art workshop ideas for the people of Diébougou during the Art Show

Please refer below for technical requirements. 

Deadline : December 1st, 2016, 11:59pm (EST)


Available equipments at the theatre: a projector, a microphone, light


Movie clips:Minimum 10 minutes, up to an hour (Please contact us if your work is longer than an hour)

French is official language in Diébougou, but a submission does not have to have French subtitles.

Any film work that can speak to the audience (theatre, music, short film, animation) is welcome.

The best format to submit is DVD.

The data needs to be either .mpg or .mov file. 

The size of the projector is 640 x 480 pixels.

Sculptures and other medium of art works :

Please be advised that the art works cannot be returned.  As a premise, the piece should be composed of materials that will eventually decompose.

Ideas for projects

If you have some idea for a project you would like to try in Diébougou but you cannot participate at this time, please send us your idea. If it is something local artists/staff can execute, we will add your name as the participating artist and make your idea becomes a reality.

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