Organizers :

Cheick Ouattara

Burkina Faso

Revolutionary・No-Bièl Representative 

Mihee Suh

New York, US


Miyu Sakurai (Leilani)

Tokyo, Japan

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer・Performer・WOUNTOGO-SUI 

Our hopes for this Art Show


Diébougou is truly a beautiful land and we are proud of it. However, the city is starting to change because of the litter from imported plastic products, which does not fit into the existing cycle of life. It is in Diébougou’s culture to litter, since the garbage had always been compostable. So what exactly is the problem: the act of littering or the plastic garbage? We think neither. There is no "right" answer to that question.

Preventing air pollution has become our constant challenge since the advancement of technology in this modernized world. We sincerely question the notion that westernization equals development, which inevitably introduces convenience of civilization in a way that could inhibit new potentials.  Perhaps this rare land, where a cycle of life is still functioning, can shed a light on different possibilities in how we can utilize high-technology. 

This art show was inspired by these questions in the hopes that it will continue to address the needs and possibilities of the people in Diébougou and those who visit here, for years to come. It is not our intention to force our idea of what development (including art) should be. 

  To exchange fragments of creativity all over the world. 

  To be curious about new experience. 

  A possibility to learn and see something new. 

  To realize there is more the world than what you know and what you can see . 

These are our motivations, and we hope to share this excitement with the people from all over the world to enjoy the city of Diébougou, and its very first international art show.


Cheick Ouattara / Mihee Suh / Miyu Sakurai (Leilani)

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