Organizers :

Cheick Ouattara

Burkina Faso

Revolutionary・No-Bièl Representative 

Mihee Suh

New York, US


Miyu Leilani

Tokyo, Japan


What we do.

We think to create something by art festival and some events in Diébougou where is truly a beautiful land and we are proud of it.

These are our motivations.

  To exchange fragments of creativity all over the world. 

  To be curious about new experience. 

  A possibility to learn and see something new. 

  To realize there is more the world than what you know and what you can see . 

We hope to share this excitement with the people from all over the world to enjoy the city of Diébougou.

Why we created "Art festival NyamaNyama".

The seed of art festival NyamaNyama was also very simple: "I was planning on visiting a friend in Diébougou. There I thought I'll meet someone interesting and have a lively conversation. From that conversation, I believe something interesting can be born." Before you know it a simple gathering like this can make Diébougou a place to be.

The title of the art festival “Nyama Nyama” means garbage in the local language. Garbage is closely involved in our daily life, playing an important role in the cycle of human lives. We want to call this festival “NyamaNyama” To bring a new awareness to garbage to prove that something deemed to be worthless in our daily lives, like garbage, could have values with a different perspective.

Many of the locals have never realized the possibility of Diébougou itself. What we need for the festival, is not to bring something that are said "good" from somewhere more developed. They said: "there is nothing here, who would want to come to such a place?"

But they do have things. Little kids are making djembe out of empty cans and playing music! So now, we have one thought that we share: this festival will help us realize all the art that’s already in our daily life by creating cultural exchange, andseek the maximum possibility of our beautiful Diébougou. We thought "To have nothing means to have a possibility of having anything." 

We've been starting to create new products in Diébougou, by the hands of the local people since 2015. Through this festival, we would like to start searching something absolutely new, something that no one in the world has ever experienced, here in Diébougou, where has a possibility of having anything. 


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