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About Diébougou


Diébougou is located in the inland West Africa, about 360km to the southeast from Ouagadougou, about 5-hours drive away, near the borders of Mali and Côte d’Ivoire, It is a small town with a polulation of about 50,000.

In Diebougou, a place where there is only one two-storied building, pollution does not quite exist yet. Even now, food scraps are either eaten by farm stocks or used as compost, so they do not exist as garbage. A house made of mud walls will decay after a while and return to earth. Even bird bones are disposed by farm animals. A cycle of life is still very much a big part of people's lives. 

There is no big theatre, gallery, or movie theatre in Diebougou, and there are not very many people who call themselves artists. However, that does not necessarily mean there is no art in Diebougou. The value and notion of art might not be the same, but it is full of vitality and the people's energy is already an art form. 

Anyone who visits this red land will experience this energy first hand and they are sure to be fascinated by its power.